Our circular lighting model cuts waste out of the equation and helps our clients meet their sustainability and budgetary targets through remanufacturing used LEDs. 

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What is remanufacture?

Remanufacture returns a used product to at least its original performance, with a warranty at least equal to that of a newly manufactured equivalent – it’s considered the best technique in the circular economy.

To minimize waste, we can maintain and refresh components, replace old LEDs and drivers, and rigorously test every reassembled product. There are cost saving initiatives in remanufacturing as it produces the same quality and performance you’d expect from a brand new Lighting product but at a reduced price. Remanufacture should be considered whenever a lighting system is being replaced. 

Remanufacture report

Download the report we co-authored with University of Strathclyde researchers on remanufacture in the lighting industry below. 

Code of Practice for luminaire remanufacture
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A Dive into Remanufacturing
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The journey to circular lighting
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Circular Lighting

An LED light will typically need only 5% of its components replaced when it is remanufactured.

We want to keep good quality lights in service for as long as possible by upgrading them during their lifetime and take them to remanufacture and redeploy. Recycling should be considered a last resort!

The Circular model for Commercial Lighting.

Digital Passports

A unique code can quickly provide information about a product.

We attach each remanufactured fitting with a unique code, providing complete technical, warranty and circularity information. This level of transparency simplifies the compliance and documentation process.

Step by step process to using EGG Lighting's Digital Passport. Scan the QR code and quickly gain access to the products history and credentials.

Lighting that’s built to last


Circularity is about upgrading not wasting. It’s a common sense approach and we pass the benefits to you.


Our Circular Lighting Service is designed to cut waste out of the equation. It has zero upfront fees and a lifetime performance guarantee.


Get even more out of your lighting. We are developing ‘digital passports’ for our circular lighting and can provide a comprehensive suite of sensor, controls and IoT options.

Circular Lighting - combined with IoT

Our experienced Technology team can implement standard IoT systems or develop solutions bespoke to your needs, extending the benefits of circular lighting:


Lights that take care of themselves.

  • Synchronised testing of multiple lights
  • Customisable schedule
  • Real-time results on your phone or PC


Be anywhere, anytime.

  • Noise, occupancy and motion sensors
  • Up to 640 connected locations
  • Real-time notifications of unusual activity


Turn fluctuating demand into full-time control.

  • In-and-out order tracking 
  • Overstocking prevention
  • Easy equipment location


Keep your facility the best it can be.

  • Early fault detection
  •  Spare parts ordering
  •  Round-the-clock energy optimisation

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