Remanufacture Service

Upgrade your old lights to the latest LED technology for a fraction of the cost.

What is Remanufacture?

Remanufacture is an industrial process that returns a used product to at least its original performance. Essentially making new products from old ones! Remanufactured products come with a full warranty, equal to that of newly manufactured ones – this is considered the best technique in the circular economy.

Remanufacturing a luminaire results in better-than-new performance.
By incorporating the latest technological advancements, bespoke upgrades can enhance the product’s capabilities beyond current market equivalents. An LED light will typically need only 5% of its components replaced when it is discarded. Remanufacture keeps good quality lights in service for as long as possible.

The Process

Remanufacture should be considered whenever a lighting system is being replaced. To minimise waste, we can maintain and refresh components, replace old LEDs and drivers, and rigorously test every reassembled product. There are cost saving initiatives in remanufacturing as it produces the same quality and performance you’d expect from a brand new Lighting product but at a reduced price. 

Remanufactured Bulkhead process

Case Studies and Testimonials

EGG lighting partner with Edinburgh leisure

Edinburgh EH4


Sports & Leisure

Carbon Savings

The Project
Edinburgh Leisure requested a free survey and quote for a new lighting system aimed at reducing their electricity expenses.

The Solution
The survey identified that the existing system was good a candidate for luminaire remanufacture. We carried out a full cost savings report which showed that the remanufacture would cost 40% less than equivalent new products. We stripped and upgraded the LEDs ensuring they were UKCA tested and certified. Installation was then carried out by EGG’s inhouse NICEIC certified electrical team over the course of 3 nights, resulting in no downtime and zero inconvenience to the public. 

The Results
Monetary savings: £15,000 in electricity savings per year
Carbon Reduction: >20 tonnes Co2e savings per year
Materials Savings: >156kg of metals saved from landfill

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