Lighting Remanufacturing

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Remanufacturing Options

Remanufacturing Engineer holding newly remanufacturing LED Spotlights

Remanufacturing Project

We survey the existing lighting setup, assess a sample product & gather requirements. We then develop a bespoke solution and ensure compliance with industry standards. Finally our electrical team will transport the materials and install your new lighting system.

Lighting Remanufacturing Electrical Installation EGG Lighting

Remanufacturing Maintenance

We upgrade your current lighting system incrementally as part of a maintenance plan. This minimises up-front capital expenditure.

The Remanufacturing Process

Our remanufacturing process ensures that each light fitting is brought back to life with the highest standards of quality and performance:

  1. Inspection and Assessment: We assess the re-manufacturability of your existing luminaires and identify any faulty or aging fixtures.
  2. Specification Agreement: We discuss and agree on any new requirements you have, such as sensors, emergency lighting, and light output.
  3. Production and Testing: Bespoke gear trays are produced, fully assembled, and comprehensively tested to ensure compliance with the latest safety standards. A new UKCA mark is applied, and a full new warranty is given.
  4. Installation: Once specifications and testing are complete, we proceed with the installation following a standard lighting schedule.
Exploded view of a remanufactured LED bulkhead with descriptions on what upgrades the light received.

Remanufacturing is an industrial process that returns used products to at least their original performance. Essentially making new products from old ones. Remanufactured products come with a full warranty, equal to that of newly manufactured ones - this is considered the best technique in the circular economy.

Remanufacturing a luminaire results in better-than-new performance for up to 30% less.
By incorporating the latest technological advancements, bespoke upgrades can enhance the product's capabilities beyond current market equivalents. Consequently, remanufacturing keeps good quality lights in service for as long as possible.

The remanufacturing process matches the timeframe of traditional lighting installations closely. We accommodate your desired schedule, ensuring a seamless transition.

We’ll re-certify the UKCA mark of all remanufactured luminaires, assuming legal responsibility for the entire modified product. Full photometry reports will be made available to ensure assessment against building regulations. Remanufactured luminaires come with a new 5 year warranty as standard.

BSI Certified Remanufacturer

Our lighting remanufacturing process aligns with British Standard "BS 8887-220 Design for Manufacture, Assembly, Disassembly, and End-of-Life Processing (MADE)". 

Remanufacturing lighting prevents precious material from reaching landfill, promoting the circular economy & reducing embodied carbon. We report on this using the CIBSE TM65 methodology. 

Justification for Remanufacture Whitepaper

Download our white paper, co-authored by specialists from The University of Strathclyde and the Scottish Institute for Remanufacturing. Explore how remanufacturing benefits the environment, reduces costs, and empowers your sustainable lighting strategy.

Remanufacturing Case Studies

Explore our diverse range of successful projects, encompassing smart controls and electric vehicle charger installations by clicking here.

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TreeGreen Ltd. trading as EGG lighting
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