Lighting as a Service (LaaS)

What would the benefits be of buying lighting, not lights? Servitisation has been championed by Rolls Royce and Ellen MacArthur Foundation alike; EGG explains how it works and why it’s got everyone so excited.

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icon save money
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Why LaaS is the future of facilities lighting, and why you should care.

EGG lighting have 3 key aims: save money, reduce carbon, futureproof your tech. We work hard to make these goals a reality for every one of our customers.

Lighting as a Service (LaaS) is often cited as one of the top solutions in the circular economy. Its opposite, the traditional take – make – dispose model, isn’t only bad for the environment, it’s bad for our customer’s bottom line. We use remanufacture to save embodied carbon and help organisations reach their net zero targets. LaaS is then the service that supports the lasting environmental and financial benefits of remanufacture. But there’s a lot more to it than that, so let’s get into it.

Unfortunately, LaaS is not a regulated term, so you may see different definitions out there. EGG Lighting subscribes to the definition provided by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. It defines LaaS as “a concept where users pay for the light that hits their desk, rather than the physical luminaire installed in the ceiling”.

The defining feature of a service is provision over ownership. To use some classic examples, in netflix’s model you do not own a film; you get the ability to access thousands of films on demand. Or xerox does not sell you a printer; it provides you with the ability to copy and print documents.

Lighting as a Service follows this trend. EGG Lighting retains the ownership of your luminaires, so that you aren’t paying for the lights installed in your ceiling, you pay for the light that hits your desk. 

That means that EGG Lighting bears the total cost of ownership. This shifts our incentive to focus on quality; longevity, reliability and reusability. When consumers subscribe through this model, performance trumps volume and durability tops disposability. LaaS means companies can have an opportunity to build new relationships with consumers.

Where does LaaS fit in with EGG's other services?

Every organisation has different needs. We help public, private, large and small organisations quickly and easily access reliable energy efficiency savings. The options below let us cater to how you like to do business.

What are the benefits of EGG's Products and Services?

In Short

While other companies may claim to offer Light as a Service, most are in fact offering normal lights on a normal finance agreement. With EGG Lighting’s Light as a Service model, you get an industry leading remanufacture service, and off balance finance. There is zero financial risk, as we make the capital investment into the upgrade and LaaS is cash generative from day one.

Be the first one in your organisation to notice the tide towards servitisation, and make the smart choice today. Your accountant will thank you for it.

What next?

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