Lighting as a Service (LaaS)

Upgrade your existing lighting system to the latest industry LED lighting with zero upfront cost.

Brand new lights with zero upfront expense

Upgrade your lighting system with Lighting as a Service (LaaS) for the latest LED technology without any upfront costs or maintenance worries. With EGG Lighting’s Light as a Service model, you get an industry leading remanufacture service, and off balance finance. There is zero financial risk, as we make the capital investment into the upgrade and LaaS is cash generative from day one, allowing you to optimise your facility’s performance while freeing up capital for other business priorities.


Free no-obligation site survey, lighting design and ROI of your existing lighting system


Upgrade to the latest LED control and sensor technology with no upfront cost 


Instantly begin saving on your energy bills with an average of 65% reduction costs


No unexpected maintenance costs. We cover all your maintenance needs in house.

Experience the benefits of the latest LED technology with LaaS

No upfront capital expense 
Save money to invest elsewhere in your business by only paying a small monthly fee.

Cash flow positive from day one
Your monthly payment is never more than your monthly money savings from energy improvements.

Immediate energy savings. 
Save up to 65% in energy costs and improve your carbon footprint with energy efficient LEDs.

No maintenance expenses
We provide a custom maintenance schedule at no extra cost or inconvenience to you.

Off balance sheet expense
We retain ownership of the lights meaning payments are classed as an operating expense.

Future-proof lighting system
Upgrade to the latest LED lighting technology and add control and sensor options at any time.

The UK's trusted Lighting as a Service provider

With years of experience in the lighting industry, our team has the expertise and knowledge to design and implement lighting solutions that meet the recommended safety standards and unique needs of your business. Whether you’re looking to improve energy efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, or enhance the quality of your lighting, we have the skills to deliver results. Read on for testimonials from businesses across the UK that have experienced the benefits of our lighting solutions.

Ready to start saving on your lighting costs? 

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