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Discover the transformative power of modern lighting controls. 

EGG Multitool - Lighting Controls System

Our latest lighting control system called the “Multitool” can be integrated into an already existing lighting system or installed with newly purchased lights. This creates an IoT capable network, bringing function rich systems to your lights and sensors. Key benefits of this system include:

  • Easy Installation: Local wiring is all that’s needed, there is no need for trunking or complex installation.
  • Enhanced connectivity: With Bluetooth mesh protocols, you can manage and secure your network.
  • DALI protocol: Enhanced control using lighting specific protocols that are tailored to your needs.
  • Legacy Compatibility: Relay’s allow for on/off control with existing legacy lighting circuits.

    There are 3 platforms which we maintain and develop:

Implement automated systems for testing emergency lights and generating reports in accordance with BS EN 50172 / BS 5266-8.

Monitor factors like temperature, occupancy, and air quality for optimisation and hazard identification.

Use Bluetooth Mesh to centrally control and manage lighting systems wirelessly.

An image of a lighting control module, showing a rectangular box with buttons and switches on it. The module is mounted on a wall and connected to several lighting fixtures. The buttons and switches allow users to adjust lighting levels, turn lights on or off, and program automatic schedules. The module's display screen shows the current lighting level and any programmed settings. The module is designed to help users save energy, enhance occupant comfort and productivity, and reduce maintenance costs.

EGG Lighting Control Platform

Effortless system management & installation with user-friendly live maps.

Our latest App and platform offers a streamlined approach to the installation and monitoring of your lighting system. The integration of our Multitool into your fittings provides real-time access to automated reports on your lights’ status, reducing the expenses associated with maintenance while increasing overall convenience. 

Scheduled configuration: Customize lighting settings throughout the day according to your preferences.

Manual or dynamic control: Easily adjust lighting configurations remotely or on-site for improved operational efficiency.

Live energy monitoring: Set thresholds and accurately measure facility energy consumption. Monitor atmospheric conditions for a comprehensive overview.

Lighting Control Case Studies

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TreeGreen Ltd. trading as EGG lighting
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