Case Studies

Holiday Inn

The Situation
The team at Holiday Inn Theatrelands identified the need to improve the building’s eco-friendliness, and to modernise their facilities in line with their customers expectations. Within their phased refurbishment plan, upgrading their fluorescent luminaires to LED was a key issue to address.

The Solution
It can be challenging to find the perfect retrofit for existing lighting. So, we built it.
EGG manufactured, supplied and installed our own ‘Carluke’ bulkhead luminaires for this project. Then, we optimised their lighting usage with microwave sensors to further increase their savings. When nobody is present, the staircase bulkheads dim to 10% of the total light output, minimising wastage.

All schedule was built around the client. We launched the lighting upgrade in phases to fit with their refurbishment plan, giving priority to the most critical areas.

Work Holiday Inn banner

The Results

Carbon Reduction: 8.22 tonnes per year
Lifetime Savings (projected): £10,145

Return on Investment: 2.36 years

Garioch Sports Centre

The Situation
The existing lighting at Garioch Sports Centre was not in line with Scottish Highland Football League standards. This meant the facility could not host regional tournaments. EGG’s objective was to change that, by making the lighting compliant.

The Solution
The Garioch centre received funding under the Scottish Government Climate Challenge Fund. To meet all standards, we carried out a full lighting design, supply and install solution. High, quality, uniform light over the field was the priority. This was achieved through adjusting the beam angle on the luminaires. A timer was installed to alleviate effects of excessive inrush current with these high power LEDs.

As a functioning sports centre, the pitch was kept open while the work was carried out. Our team of electricians was able to complete all onsite work in under one week.

Illustration of panorama work example
Picture of work example, three six multiple light panel
Picture of work example, three light lamp post

The Results

Lifetime CO2 savings equivalent: 58 cars   

Carbon Reduction: 27.6 tonnes per year
Lifetime Savings (projected): >£100,000
Reduction in running cost: £8,000 per year
Eligibility for regional tournaments: Achieved

West Dumbartonshire Leisure

The Situation
WD leisure received funding to modernise their three main leisure facilities: the Play Drome in Clydebank, the Meadow Centre in Dumbarton and the Vale of Leven Swimming Pool in Alexandria. In addition to investing in new equipment, they came to EGG lighting for consultation on lighting technology that would provide a legacy of energy savings for years to come.

The Solution

Some key considerations included high ingress protection ratings for the Vale of Leven swimming and pool changing rooms, and low glare in the gym facility. EGG identified the right bulkheads, spotlights and panels that would yield the greatest long term gains for this client. In total we installed 110 30W LED lights, replacing 120W fluorescent bulkheads. We calculated that our panel lights had almost three times the lifespan of the old fluorescents.

Picture of gym work example
Picture of gym work example

The Results

Carbon Reduction: 22.18 tonnes per year
Lifetime Savings (projected): £78,553
Return on Investment: 1.14 years
Illustration of EGG Lighting room lighting
Picture of swimming pools work example

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